Yes, I have seen God. When I was just 3 years old he came to me as I was playing out in the side yard under a large oak tree. He told me in comparison who I was, who he was to me, and to entire existence. That was more than 50 years ago. Today he is still the same to me. During my life walk his son joined me on many occasions giving me scenes from my future of which have come to pass. Once when I was a young mother of three in my twenties I came down with blood poisoning and needed to be hospitalized as I was near death. My troubled abusive spouse at the time would not let me be hospitalized. Instead he took me home. The doctor put a paper in my cape pocket and told me to call my mother. When I got home I asked my spouse to give my mother a call. She came over and all I can remember was telling her to look in the pocket of my cape on the bed post and her saying, “Oh My God!” More than a week later I awoke from what seemed to be just a night and dream. I was surprised to see my mother on the couch with my 6 month old daughter. She was more surprised to see me up and speaking as I had been out for more than a week, in which she had stayed by my side nursing me to health and carrying out my duties to my home and children. She even carried me to the hospital each day for intravenous and antibiotics. I told her I wanted a shower. When I was finished she got me a cup of coffee. As we sat on the couch I told her of what I dreamed. I dreamed I was walking with Jesus on a dirt road with a dense but welcoming forest on all sides. We talked and walked and walked and talked. There was such peace with him holding my small hand. He was dressed in a flowing white robe. His feet were bare and eyes blue. When I looked into his eyes I could see forever and ever no end. When we reached the end of the road there was a barrier with a luminous light (brighter than anything imaginable) flowing through it in small beams. Like the sun shines through the early morning forest. But this light was so much more. I wanted to go with Jesus to the other side with the light. He told me as he took a step up into the other side that I could not go. He told me I had to go back my time was not yet. I did not know where I had come from or what I was going back to, only that I had to go back, which made me sad. During my walk with Jesus there was such peace beyond all knowledge and understanding. When my mother told me of her long journey of caring for me I was moved to tears as she exclaimed, “I wouldn’t let you die!” I fell deathly ill on January 1, 1980.

My life journey since has only drawn me closer to my God and existence. He answers prayers before I can ask them, when they are still just a thought. His wisdom surpasses all understanding. No one can tell me that there is no God for I have seen him and he is with me all ways.

If you don’t see God or hear him trying seeking and listening. He is there, He knows all, HE forgives ALL.

Corpus Christi

I was raised a Catholic and always believed Jesus was the son of God. One day, I asked out loud that I was ready to believe in him (Jesus) but if I just could see him I would really believe. As I was a scaredy cat, I asked to have a dream of him, not a vision :) Soon after I dreamt I was going down some steps and on the landing stood Jesus, in the middle of a small group of people with raised hands. Beauty of AscensionHe pushed them gently aside and walked towards me, and said (he was very close!): "For your problem, it is not because I did not want, but I had no time; but now I am going
to take care of you". Jesus is tall, taller than all the hands raised around him. He is well built, slender, with a light skin and reddish blond hair, tucked in a pony tail. He has blue eyes and a face as in the Shroud of Turin. He was wearing a white robe with a rope around his waist and was barefoot. His beard is short.
For 3 days and 3 nights thereafter, I felt his loving, overwhelming presence. I was grieved when it departed from me. Now I have asked Jesus in my heart and I always feel his presence with me. I now know that the loving presence I felt then was the Holy Spirit. Since that time, I am no longer afraid, I have the peace that surpasses all understanding and the blessed assurance I will go to Heaven when I die.
One day, a year before I god born again, I saw an angel in the sky, holding a black sword, point up. I believe it was Michael (= "equal to God"); The end times are coming and Michael is getting ready to cast down Satan from Heaven (this will happen at mid-Tribulation according to the Book of Revelation.)
God gave me a book to write about the Bible and I can't tell you about all the signs he gave me, confirming to me that we are in the end times.Sometimes, God just blows my mind!
I used to believe that all gods were the same, but God showed me that these are false gods, because I asked him to give me the truth for my book. I now know that all other gods are lying demons; God is God; god is not divided because if he was, I would never trust him. The Bible says "I am your God; I change not. It also says : I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, and also "God is not a man that he should lie". God says to Moses: "I am that I am"!
I am glad to know my savior Jesus Christ; only him has the authority to deliver man from demonic possession. The Bible shows that the demon possessed man in Gadarenes recognized Jesus as "the son of God", even though Jesus never told them who he was.t
A few years ago I was going through a troubled time and started to search for answers to questions about God. Then one day I was discussing some ideas about God with a friend and experienced anger bearing down on me after. It was apparent I was experiencing God’s anger at what I had just said. We soon shared empathy for each others situation. I felt that God was lonely, sad and very frustrated. Thoughts were shared as I asked questions and expressed how I felt. It is ok to express how you feel about God, God respects honesty. On one occasion I was asking why he felt the need to not only have people killed but to burn them to the stake too. The AscensionSomething I thought was an unnecessary evil. It was then that God decided to share something with me. I was overwhelmed by a sense of guilt so strong it had my whole abdomen rumbling. Straight away I new what it was and started to cry. I had been so blatant about how I felt, about how God has wronged mankind I did not realise he was trying so hard. He then told me he could not cry and that he could not even move. He is not only guilty but also suffers so much because of the suffering in the world that he is completely paralyzed. So if there is anything you can do to alleviate the suffering in the world He would greatly appreciate it if you did it. Because it is only these good things that keep Him going.

This recently came to me, so to speak and the only thing I can do with it is share it with you. I hope you feel the same and pass it on.

A Glimpse Into The Eye Of God

1. The Eternal Paradox

Infinity equals zero.Nothing is infinite.Infinite is nothing.
Imagine a black hole, it has infinite mass as such it has infinite
gravity, even light cannot escape its pull. As a result of this the physical
laws of the universe/reality no longer apply, as it's existence is a paradox
i.e. an impossibility which negates or removes it from this
universe/reality. It in fact becomes a hole in space and in time.
The only impossibility is impossibility itself.
Nature abhors a vacuum and will fill it at every opportunity, fill it with
everything even light. Hence the properties of black holes or singularities.
A black hole is simply a particle of matter that has broken a fundamental
law of existence: that the faster you go the heavier you become. Until you
reach the speed of light. Once that barrier is broken you become infinite,
and you are no longer a part of this universe/reality. Beauty and GodYou are a paradox.
Accordingly the universe is NOT infinite. If it were phenomenon such as a
black hole would not exist as they ARE infinite. To beings that exist in
spacetime the universe appears infinite indeed but that cannot be for as
1 >.9999999 ad infinitum and always will, this universe/reality will one day
Or will it?
Infinity negates both space and time, and time and space, as time is space
and space is time.
Infinite is all the space in which to travel and all the time in which to
do it. The only thing infinite in spacetime are the holes in it. Holes into
which all matter is drawn or pushed into, as they are the paradox of the
infinite. They are the vacuum of spacetime and into all of the
universe/reality goes. Not just matter, but the time in which it exists is
drawn into infinity, for it, at least in this space and time is NOTHING.
Nothing is impossible but impossibility itself. And into nothing all will
go ........eventually.
But do not let this disturb or frighten you, for out of nothing came
everything, i.e. the Big Bang. Simply put, a black hole is a hole from
spacetime into the infinite, the Big Bang a hole from which infinity pours
The end of our universe/reality will occur when last bit of spacetime
enters the infinite and only the holes remain, the last two meeting and
joining at just over the speed of light which will create a paradox and as a
result everything that went into these holes will come streaming out and
ANOTHER universe will be born. This will definitely happen again, the
existance of black holes in this universe/reality proves that, and will
continue to happen as long as the paradox holds up. For if there is a
universe/reality that is eternal it must be one that has no holes in it.
Gravity is a function of matter interacting with spacetime, or spacetime
interacting with matter if you prefer. All matter from the smallest particle
(other than a black hole) to the largest galaxy, moves through spacetime. It
can also be said that spacetime flows around matter.
The reason that we and everything else on this and other planets are pulled
or pushed toward a point in its center is a physical manifestation of this
Matter in motion has gravity which is not a property of matter, but its
existence in spacetime. The only thing that is not in motion is a black
hole, as they are not a part of spacetime but a hole in it. If you were to
observe two black holes that appeared to be moving toward each other it
would in fact not be so. What you would see is the disappearance of
spacetime between them, into them. They would not move toward each other but
eat the distance between each other. Black holes are stationary in
At sometime in the future they will all merge and join but only after ALL
of spacetime is gone, and the speed that they will meet will be infinite.
After that anything is possible, except impossibility itself.
But wait, if nothing is infinite and as such cannot exist in spacetime then
what of God, something purported to be both eternal and infinite? How can
something or someone like that exist in our universe/reality?
It cannot, except in our own imagination. God or the concept of perfection
that it represents exists only in that realm, the realm of consciousness. We
create (or re-create) God after God has created us. How else could God
survive the trip through the white hole of the Big Bang, by the reaching of
the conscious mind to the state of perfection, to the infinite.
We, beings of consciousness, are
but tiny pieces of that perfection in the process of creating (or
remembering) itself, the mind of God, and that our very existence is due
only to the imagining of that mind of our existence. A mind that we (all
conscious beings) are all a part of.
Our creation of God will in turn create us from God. Thus the circle of
existence is complete.
It seems to me that all this fighting over the nature of God to be a form
of consciousness-suicide, for the mind of the other you kill is a part of
your own, connected by the infinite.
Death is only the returning of that part of the God/mind into
itself, and birth its return from the infinite. The only thing that is
required of us is the incremental imagining of this perfection. All life in
its myriad forms is a function of this God/mind remembering(if you look at
it from the end) or creating (or from its beginning) itself.
So if you want to be a part of God I suggest that you close your physical
eyes and open the inner one that God gave you and imagine that God into
existence, so that after the last two holes become one, God can imagine YOU.
But if God as we define it does not exist in the sense of something
infinite and eternal, then where does God exist in the physical realm of
spacetime? The answer is NOWHERE, as the infinite cannot exist in spacetime.
There is a point in which God CAN exist and that is within the paradox.
In the moment before the Big Bang, the moment after the last two black
holes collide there exists, in fact HAS to exist a moment in space and in
time in which there is only....ONE.
Only one point in space and at only one time, and at that shortest of
moments, in that tiniest of places God does in fact exist in the physical
and the imagined.
For there and only there are all things possible...... even the impossible.
Are all things infinite.
All things ARE.
Perfection made real.
Nothing = Infinite.

And at that point in space, in that moment of time.......a black
hole in another God/minds reality.

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