"Ripple" by Bill Martin


Letter from July 28th (continued)


"Long-story-short?” …as possible! Sorry, I tried.

Here's an act of God in Biblical proportion! (a TRUE experience that should yank you out of your box, as well as teach you many secrets of God).  I did not ask for or expect this (you decide). 

My life got to a point where I had to come out of the forest to see the trees because there were just too many serendipities going on here! (I was seeing all the pieces to a puzzle but not getting the picture). That is when I started documenting as it unfolded “…He revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets.” Amos 3:7.  And there is sooo much more, I witnessed over 70 acts of God (miracles).  Things are constantly being revealed to me, therefore, this is an excerpt from my book about to come out, I submit to you the latest version (rough draft update, as of July 2013)…

In 1955, my parents (from Toledo, OH), with their 5 children, moved to Modesto, California a few months prior to my birth.  All the way there, I was behind the steering wheel with Mom, my siblings came down with the German measles, and then we lost the brakes on Donner’s Pass (a brand new station wagon on the steepest road in the US), and other things I can’t mention here. There definitely was a war going on in the spirit world to prevent this birth!  But God always wins His wars…especially to protect someone for HIS PURPOSE (THIS big purpose).  Thus, this prophet with a HUGE message was born Dec 28, '55 < remember that date O;-) 

Brought home from the hospital, my only brother (at the time) said “It’s not a boy? Throw her in the garbage!” and ran off.  A sister ran when she heard my name, she thought I would be black because the only one in her life with my name was black (and the devil used these sayings throughout my life to taunt me!) My Dad's only sister, who I only knew her face and name, said "You remind me of that Joseph in Egypt whose siblings…!" (How did she know this of me?  She didn't even live with us!)

One day (in my late 40's) the LORD revealed to me “Your birthday is significant to what I chose you for, go find out.” (I refused and argued...testing the voice/spirit) “What does my birthday have to do with anything, I am nobody! …if this is God, He’d just tell me what it’s about!” O;-)  Few weeks later, I was in my front room and the TV was on in the family room, and only heard Pat Robertson (from The 700 Club) say “Do you know whatDecember 28th is?” (Then is when I found out, "...It’s the anniversary of all the toddlers slaughtered at the hands of King Herod in hopes to do away with Jesus!")

When I was age 3-1/2 (I’m 57 now), we all moved back to Toledo, Ohio, which severely traumatized me (and was living with it, until “July 2013” when I finally faced it “with God”).

1959: Moving from new house, sun, sand, flowers and fun, always in a cute, crisp, colorful cotton sunsuit with ties at the shoulders EVERYDAY…to an old house under construction, mud, visqueen, rain, cold, hail and thunder, snow, and hats, gloves and sweaters, etc!  I had to search FAST for serious answers why my world turned upside down (nightmares), all I could do was cry…inside and out! (God's plan?)  Didn’t know "Sorrow is better than laughter: for by the sadness of the countenance the heart is made better." Ec 7:3. With the trauma and search to end it soon, it became my whole life!  I yearned for what my heart felt as “home”.

Staying silent, listening to everything of wisdom, seeking answers (TRUTH), and the words to express my heart, because I was always asked “Why the sad face?” and “Cat got your tongue?” not to mention the searching for comfort (LOVE) that prevents toddler nightmares, even begged for a teddy bear at Christmas, but refused, and could find nothing to satisfy, but only my two fingers, fuzzy blanket, and heart felt “good”, so I clung to THAT!  Mom would say of me "You could never get her to smile, she was always so sad!" and "Oh, you just love LOVE!" and a brother slammed a phone in my ear (twice) after shouting real ugly “Oh, love, love, love!” (8 siblings and parents getting older and nastier), no hugging, kissing, saying "I love you", etc.  Mom claimed “Your Dad never told me ‘I love you’! And the way I was raised, one of 11 children…how can you get blood out of a turnip?!” (Her excuse for the drill sergeant she became, but I didn’t understand that then).

Age 7, I more than welcomed a tiny Bible from the hands of the Gideons who visited my grade school and said "Jesus loves you” (I immediately thought "This is God! He loves me because He appreciates my heart, only He can see inside, that's why He loves me and others don’t!” (I hated to read, didn’t want to know about worldly stuff, but NOW, that became the reason I wanted to read! < teachers, heed this) “…I want to get to know Him, this book will give me all the answers I need and we can know each other, He will want me for His friend, because He loves too!") < my first experience of hope (and “love”) for the first time in my life!

A couple weeks later, the teacher demanded “…$2.00 or return the tiny Bible!” (hidden under my pillow for fear someone would take…my only treasure! I cried all the way home on the school bus)

Mom saw when I asked for the $, snatched it out of my hands and said "That's not… (her religion)!" then ripped it to shreds in my face and slammed into the garbage! (That was my FIRST version of His crucifixion!)  There I stood looking into the can and crying even more, but still grabbing for “hope” (“I can get it and tape it…!”) she continued “…and if I see you go near that, I will paddle your behind!” I then ran to my room crying my eyes out!  (Do you think God heard? Seen my heart then?) Let’s see…

I wanted to die or run away! But something inside of me said "I know! I will make Him my invisible friend; no one can take THAT away from me!" (didn’t know it was Biblical)  “But Jesus called them unto Him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.” Luke 18:16. I witnessed miracle after miracle since!

But having no one to explain the happenings, nor understanding life, struggling without being fed spiritually (except my secret communication with Him), it got so bad for me near age 10, seeing siblings turning 18 and leaving home…I couldn’t imagine waiting 8 more years!  I swallowed a half bottle of aspirin (but nothing happened! If something did, think anyone would figure out why?)

In my teens, I came to the conclusion “No one knows love and no one knew God…like I do…will I become a nun like my Mom's sister? ...Oh, why was I born in this family?!...Why wasn’t I born ‘Mary’?!!!”  < God was showing me a secret there! (decades later I realized this).

At age 14, for 45 minutes, I had it out with God behind a Kroger store! “I know You are up there and can hear me…DO SOMETHING, or take me out of here!  No one has my heart…they are all nasty and mean!  I have no one to talk to but you…!”  Got the bag of groceries, crossed the first road with a medium strip and stopped to catch my breath (my first encounter with an angel happened), a beautiful voice about 5 inches from my right ear melted me, saying “It’s all clear” (meaning God heard?)  Then, on the way home a voice kept saying “Remember your age, 14, don’t forget, remember, you are 14…” FOR A WHOLE BLOCK!  I wondered why this was being said to me, and it finally hit me!  I turned around, pointed my finger up at the sky and yelled in hurt and anger “WHY?!  Beeccaause YOU won’t do anything until I’m…50 or 60?! (Thought that was old…but I’m 57 now!) …LEAVE ME ALONE!”  and ran the rest of the way home scared out of my wits at what just happened!  (Could not understand that at the time, and had no one to share this with).

When I was in the worst, traumatic times, angels would get me in the night and take me far above the earth and I would experience a breath of fresh air no one could experience living on earth, what I saw. I cherish.  Probably (psychologically) why I wanted to become a Flight Attendant, and graduated from TWA in 1988.

But He finally showed me what He was waiting to this age for! (Something awesome He put in my hands to do for Him, He told me about 9 months prior to it’s birth, and confounds even the wisest of man!)  THE GREATEST INVENTION OF ALL TIME!!! conceived through The Holy Ghost! (no one refutes it when I show it. One pastor got angry at God for not giving him it!  Another wanted it for his whole congregation!  One pointed out “Your husband’s name is ‘Joseph’ and yours is…?  I agreed, it fits!) Excited and in awe, pinching my arm and wondering “Is this really happening to me, why me?”

Curious, I deliberately scheduled a visit with a psychologist to see what he would say, and heard “Do you realize what you have here…You will be speaking and signing your book all over the world!”

OMG! I can’t wait to tell (and show) the whole world what I received from God (many things), and to give to everyone!  And it is no coincidence our names are Joseph & Marie Skonecki (meaning “There will be another…To get THE WORD out…Final, last, at the end” < The LORD revealed this to me, and was verified) Could talk for days on this (not here though), but I can and must tell this…

Went to church one day in my 30’s, and a pastor preached on “Jesus, the Son of God”, and realized I still thought “Jesus” was the name of God. “The Son” part had gone over my head all those years!  And in my 40's, I realized Jesus = TRUTH (Eph 4:21), and God = LOVE (1Jo 4:8)! (How did I miss that too?!)


(Remember my birthday?)

When our sons were 8 and 9, we took them camping (Kelley’s Island, Lake Erie), I fractured my back in a diving accident, panicked in midair, body went limp and spine snapped loud, then almost drowned (I mention this to prevent this from hurting anyone else!)  I suffered 9 years and was getting worse.

In my 40’s, Aug. 22, 1996, about 6am, I woke up with the energy of a 15 YO, took advantage, out in yard. Soon, my back was in excruciating pain (as usual), but paralyzation was setting in, going up my legs to waist (new symptom!) got in house, layed on back, horrified, phone in my right hand ready to call 911, I decided to call on the Lord for healing first, picked up my left hand and started counting on my fingers to distract my mind from doubting (remembering “If any man doubt, let not that man think he will receive anything…” < Scripture), 1, 2, 3…the back was more than healed! It was PLUPERFECT! Didn’t match the rest of my body and was like a new born baby…and, are you ready for this?

...GOD'S HANDS WERE IN ME!!! as real as mine! The thumbs pointing upward and fingers outward, wrists fitted together at my spine, what an awesome brace!  The nerves all around the hands could feel every part of them but not inside them, like a foreign object but inside my body, what an awesome brace!)  Then, He reminded me that His mother had His hands in her too!  (I did not ask for this), I thought when you ask for a healing, your body goes back to normal! “Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us” Eph 3:20. Thought of getting x-rays, but insurance only covers for pain?

The hands were where the pain WAS and lasted for 3 days and 3 nights! The "pluperfect" healing lasted 1 whole month! And I did all kinds of work since, in no pain (total healing).

4 years later (after asking Christians and Clergy any chance I got if they ever heard of such a healing, to no avail), Joseph told me about a Bible online, "Type a word and see all Scripture verses that that word is in" (I typed "hands" wondering what I'd find, and saw 438! BUT FINALLY FOUND: Ps 28:5 "Because they regard not the works of the LORD, nor the operation of His hands, He shall destroy them..." OMG! "Operation of His hands"!  I was dancing for joy, days, weeks, saying “It’s in the Bible!” (over and over).

FAST FORWARD: after witnessing over 70 miracles (acts of God) and documenting for my book, last year (2012, 16 years past the “Pluperfect” healing with His hands) I found another verse because I typed "operation", to go right to "operation of His hands", needed it for a brochure of the healing ministry He gave me.

Finished the brochure, then asked for "a sign" (as prophets do) if The LORD was pleased, still with me, etc., then forgot I asked. Strangely, I hear "Look at the Scripture verses" and assumed it was me.  I looked and saw nothing.  Heard again "Look at..." so I made sure I wouldn't say that again to myself! “For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not.” Job 33:14 < LOL! I found that verse while typing this!

So when I heard again "Look..." I knew then “IT IS GOD!!!” (O.T. “Out of heaven He made thee to hear His voice that He might instruct thee.”, and N.T. “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me”  Jhn 2:25). I put everything aside and scoured "Ps 28:5, Is 5:12" < and found MY BIRTHDAY!!! OMG!  “SERENDIPITY”?  And, the greatest Scripture of the Bible too!  Know why He did this? Because He knows I have the backbone to tell the world this, any chance I get to make His point clear! DO NOT DISREGARD HIS WORKS, OR THE OPERATION OF HIS HANDS! (It was "HIS HANDS" that healed me, not doctors), and much more work that He gave me to do for Him beyond that.

A couple weeks ago, I came to realize how “the heaviness of missing “Modesto, California” (my heart’s home) effected my whole life (a sad, to what turned into a discouraging feeling in me 24/7), every time I held and seen something with a label “California”, my heart leaped with joy and with sadness (that 3 year old in me still), but that was lifted from me when I called on The Lord about dealing with this ruining my life “Lord why do I feel this discouraging spirit in me always, where is it coming from?”  He showed me the longing for “home” when I was a child!

After getting over the shock in facing this, I said “But how can I deal with it? I can never afford to go there to live, or even visit, Lord, if only I could walk out that door and…!” I hear “Go to Google Earth, type in the address and BE THERE INSTANTLY! See what you missed!”  All excited, and wondering why I didn’t think or do this before, I called an older sister to see if she remembered the address, “Oh sure, I could never forget that address!  It was 1234 Bowen Avenue, Modesto, California!”  A HUGE WEIGHT WAS LIFTED off me as I (LOL!) “scrolled up and down the street”, turning and looking at that house from every angle, and came to the conclusion, the house I live in now looks similar, but is far better than that one!

As much as I had always cherished my home in California, dreaming constantly of it for over a half century, I took one last look before shutting down Google Earth, and low and behold, under the overhang of the house (in the shadow), right in the middle of the whole picture of the house, is a small girl doll (wearing a sunsuit as a toddler) errect and facing the house!!!  (Go there and see it for yourself!) What is the odds of that?!  (before Google changes the picture, for "updating").

I am now alive, I see my world much differently, have unspeakable joy and will now have fun making this house I am in (now) “my home” (although I've lived here for over 32 years), and not take for granted anymore, I will show the neighbors how this is MY DREAM HOME and live happily ever after with a new backbone and peace!  Oh, if this world only knew what I know! (So much more, so little time!)


Regard, Marie  (from Joseph & Marie Ministries)